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Auto Marker/ Nesting

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Bok Quad-Core Super Arrangement System" adopts the leading AI artificial intelligence algorithm, and its super calculation function quickly realizes efficient nesting calculation.
There is no need to manually do any nesting processing, and the best nesting plan is automatically calculated according to the set nesting plan, and
it only takes a few minutes to complete the laying work that can only be completed by manual hours, with
ultra-high utilization and nesting The speed saves a lot of fabric cost and labor cost for the enterprise.
The system is intelligent and convenient to operate, compatible with PLT/HPG layout files and international common DXF format files.
The built-in layout report function of the system can quickly calculate the fabric and cost and generate a layout report, which
greatly improves the efficiency of production management and effectively controls costs.

Function introduction:
1. Boke super row mixed materials, its intelligent nesting methods are various

2. Group nesting, the nesting direction can be set freely

3. High bottom row, high bottom layer segmental nesting, greatly saving the use of fabrics

4. Avoid color difference nesting, used for fabrics with serious color difference in the middle of the edge

5. Group nesting, control the color difference of a piece of clothing to the minimum

6. Empty position nesting, set the virtual position of the cutting piece, used for wool cutting or sticking Lining pre-shrinking

7. Presser foot nesting, higher utilization rate

8. Interval nesting, meeting the needs of automatic cutting bed cutting

9. Automatic grid nesting, grid size changes, automatic adjustment of alignment

Quad- core super nesting system system:

Compared with other super nesting systems of the same kind, the utilization rate of Boke quad-core nesting is as high as 1%-3%

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