About Us Information

Fabulous is a machinery company since 2019. Fabulous, as a machine supplier and manufacturer for garments factory.

Fabulous, as a machine supplier and manufacturer for garments factory, our branch or office in China, Dhaka & Chattogram. We are High‐tech Company that is engaged in researching and developing of apparel CAD software. Our company has a research group that is made up of garments technical experts and computer engineers. We have powerful research, development and technical support, service strength. We are scientific and develop enterprise with international high‐level apparel CAD knowledge.



• Pattern Design

• Auto Marker

• 3D Software

• Plotter Machine

• Pattern Cutter Machine


• Auto Cutter Machine

• Auto Spreading Machine

• Air Floating Cutting Table

• Manual Cutting Table

• Relaxing Machine

• Fabric Inspections Machine

• Laser Cutter Machine

• Cutting RFID System SEWING

• Hanging System

• Conveyor Belt System

• Specially Sewing Machine

• Template Sewing Machine

• Template Cutter

• Down-Filing Machine FINISHINHG

• Auto Packaging and Folding Machine

• Auto Carton BOX Sealing Machine

• Iron Machine

• Selection System


Why you Choose Fabulous?

> One of the active CAD, CAM sellers in Bangladesh.

> High-quality products and low price.

> Quickest response from service and support team.

> The main power is highly experienced in software and hardware.

> Hardware from UK, Europe and china.

> Ready stock spare parts and ink cartridges.

> 24-hour support by online.