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Product Description

Developed in response to the trend of fast-changing styles in the clothing industry and increasingly strong individual needs of users, combined with the increasingly popular cloud services, it is a shared SAAS version of clothing CAD system that integrates parameterization, intelligence, and integration. The system integrates three modules of pattern making, grading, and super nesting, including intelligent design, intelligent pattern adjustment, automatic push, super nesting and other functions. The powerful intelligent mode can realize most of the functions with a smart pen. Powerful, easy to learn and use, can greatly improve publishing efficiency.  Open the template shared on the platform through the software, and simply modify it to quickly generate one version per person.


1. Advantages of Boke Smart Garment CAD System


1. Automatic and efficient:

The digital automatic grading function can instantly complete the scaling of all specifications according to the size chart, and the scaling result is more accurate than the traditional point grading. The automatic design function can select the required style in the system, input the size chart, and the system can automatically generate the required paper pattern, and automatically complete the specification scaling.


2. Highly integrated:

Boke intelligent clothing CAD system integrates the three modules of pattern, grading and nesting, and only one archive file is needed to realize the synchronous modification of the three systems. In addition, the system also integrates two plate-making methods of parameterization and fixed number, which are more adaptable.


3. Quick version adjustment:

The establishment of a super-strong association relationship makes the complicated pattern adjustment work very simple. Freely create the association relationship of each part, so that the pattern adjustment work can be completed in an instant, and the data of the mutually stitched parts will automatically match.


2. The main functions of Boke smart clothing CAD system


1. Input the size chart, the system automatically completes the pattern change
and the specification scaling


2. Import vector graphics function, you can place the picture on the cutting piece for positioning,
you can check the effect of the flower position and automatically grade it


3. Automatic calculation of cashmere filling


3. Boke smart clothing CAD system provides Boke users with a rich material library


1. Boke Cloud Pattern Mall:

Boke cloud members can call and view various layout files through Boke Shared Edition CAD, and
the layout that meets the needs can be downloaded for a fee for their own use.


2. Blog Cloud Parts Library & Pattern Library:

Pattern makers can call various patterns and parts from the classic style library or component material library through the Boke system, and
use the powerful linkage modification function of the Boke system to
quickly form the style they need after simple modification, greatly reducing repetitive labor.

Boke cloud platform is an intelligent collaborative research and development platform based on Boke intelligent clothing CAD system, providing SAAS clothing CAD system, layout system and other software, and at the same time providing Boke users with rich pattern materials to help pattern makers reduce repetitive work. Improving design efficiency Free pattern makers can publish their own works through the blog cloud pattern mall and share their works for a fee. At the same time, they can undertake plate making tasks through the blog cloud task center to provide remote services for enterprises in need. In addition, the blog cloud platform also has rich video teaching and fabric suppliers.


Online low-cost use of blog system:

Boke cloud free download shared version Low cost pay on time to use Boke series software


A large number of pattern files are available for call:

The rich paper pattern works are updated regularly, and master paper pattern works are launched


Rich teaching videos to help improve technology:

Help patternmakers improve their skills, solve problems, and achieve personal growth


The task center facilitates remote collaborative research and development:

Enterprises in need can issue plate-making tasks through the task center. Bloggers can earn income by undertaking tasks through the task center


Boke cloud pattern mall and fabric mall:

Excellent free pattern designers can publish their own design works through the blog cloud pattern mall, blog cloud members can call and view various pattern files through the blog shared version CAD, and the patterns that meet the needs can be downloaded for a fee for their own use. In addition, Boker Cloud Fabric Mall will provide various fabrics for clothing enterprises to choose in the later stage, and realize more efficient and accurate pattern adjustment by opening up fabric parameters and sample pattern parameters.