--Pneumatic Single Station Heat Transfer Machine

Pneumatic Single Station Heat Transfer Machine

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Pneumatic Single station heat transfer machine



Through the heating plate heating, with a certain pressure, specific temperature and time, can by thermal transfer let the sublimation class, solvent-based ink color patterns and text  firmly printed on cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other fabric  



  • Fully automatic function、 infrared ray laser positioning    

  • Need connect with air compressor    


                                                                                                                          Technical Specification
Model  Voltage/Power Temperature Range Time Control  Rated Pneumatic Working Size Dimensions Operating Mode
YL-2030 220V/50HZ/1kw 0~400℃ 0~999S ≤1.0mpa 20*30cm L31*W38*H62cm Pneumatic single station, manual or pedal control