--Template Cutter Machine

Template Cutter Machine

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  • Water cooling, faster fan speed.
  • Cutter head dual-purpose, flexible Switching between PVC plate and Cardboard.
  • Pneumatic Clamp, Effective fix multi-layer PVC plate.
  • Add ‘vacuum base’ to the head.Automatically adjust the Thickness of cutting plate.More convenient and faster.
  • Pen-type drawing ,pattern cutting , template grooving one machine to complete .
  • Can read standard hp-gl format date .
  • PLT dxf format drawing and cutting one machine To complete

Model ST-9015 ST-1215
Max area 150*90cm 150*120cm
Max speed Pen 0-1000mm/s    Knife 0-800mm/s
Fixed form Vacuum adsorption
Cutting material PVC Rubber sheet ,acrylic board ,Epoxy board ,yellow cardboard ,white paper ,kraft paper
Principal axis 800w water cooling
Pen/knife type Neutral pen/alloy steel knife /single edge multi edge milling cutter
Knife handle diameter 30175mm   4mm
Data interface connect  Net work interface (tcp) serial interface (RS232) Udisk
Cutting thickness   ≤4mm (Non-metallic material )
Performance Pen-type drawing ,Pattern cutting ,template grooving one machine to complete .Can read standard HP-GL format date .PLT  DXF format drawing and cutting one machine to complete
Domain Pattern drawing and template cutting for clothing bag toy and other industries