--Fabric Relaxing Machine

Fabric Relaxing Machine

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Auto edge alignment Knit、 Woven  Fabric  relaxing  Machine

Model: FT-2100


  • Rolled/Folded to Folding , to reach natural relaxing effect    

  • Smoothing fabric roller (Special for elastic fabric,thread roller can spreading fabric edges to two side , avoid  the edges are folding on themselves and moving toward the center of the roll.)    

  • Automatic edge alignment    

  • Forward and reverse function,can re-roll fabric during releasing    

  • Option: Length measurement    


Suitable for    

Thin knit 、 Woven 、elastic fabric and other general fabric   


       Technical Specification
Max. Roll Diameter 30mm
Max. Fabric Width 2100mm
Speed 0-30m/min
Power 0.4kw
Voltage&Frequency 220V,50Hz