--Auto Cutter Machine

Auto Cutter Machine

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High-end multi-layer cutting machine for medium and large batches, 

regular fabric, high-strength cutting operation for composite materials ,

optional "Knife Smart" kit.


V6S-suitable for:woven fabric,trouser,pants,trousers,sportswear,suit,fashion wear,inner fabric ,inner wear,outdoor furniture,PVC,seat,bag,medical products,outdoor furniture

Product Specification

Working window width


Cutting window length


Sorting conveyor belt length


Max cutting height

60 mm after vacuum compression

Max speed


Max acceleration


Maximum speed


Average yield(depending on the situation)


Maximum cutter head acceleration


Cutting weight


Cutter height


Blade technology intelligence





Blade Technology Intelligence                                                            High-efficiency Cutting System                                                           Intelligent Blade Grinding System


Comparable to international high-end cutter BLCEK THCH
Equipped with micron-level intelligent sensing device and intelligent processing system
Dynamic compensation and correction of blade deformation in cutting operations
Greatly improve the error of the upper and lower layers of multi-layer pieces
Realize high-precision intelligent cutting
Up to 6000 revolutions
Can be cut up to 60mm (after vacuum compression)
Greatly improve cutting efficiency
Use micro-oil design to reduce oil pollution
Compact cutting head design, more beautiful and easy to maintain
Will not cause jagged damage to the cutter
Extend blade use time and reduce costs
Easy to disassemble and replace, easy to learn and understand
Different specifications of sandbags can be selected according to different fabrics, with a wider application range
Sharpening efficiency is significantly improved compared with the non-abrasive belt sharpening structure
Can be set to lift and sharpen the knife at the corner

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