--Auto Feeding Pattern Cutter Machine

Auto Feeding Pattern Cutter Machine

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Used for garments,bag and Compatible for all knid of Garments cad.

The computer operator be turn off At the same time with cutting data transfer Can be finished and can be operated continuously.

Hp-45 inject type, super speed & noise less.

Flatbed Inject Pattern Cutter Fabulous inkjet printing with cutting plotter is a multi-function machine with printing and cutting Garment patterns. It use general hp45 type ink cartridge, the ink head is disposable, no need special Maintenance. Intelligent electronics spring cutter control system knife moving accurate, cutting Smooth, dedicated circuit and motor drive system, to ensure continuous operation stability. Large Lcd screen,english control panel, real-time control, simple and accurate.

Model FT-1509 FT-1512
Max. Paper Width 120cm
Section Length 150cm
Cartridge Number 2
Max Cut Width 160cm
Max. Plotting Seed  Print 60m 2/h; cut 1200mm/s linear acceleration value
Max Cut Speed 1200mm
Ratio 0.0254mm/step
Print Precision 0.001
Cartridges Tech HP
Cartridges Mode HP-45
Cut material Apply kraft cardboard, chicken skin cad paper
Material fix form Vacuum adsorption
Cut thickness 60-500 g/m2
 X control Motor Servo Motor and its Driver system
Y control Motor  Servo Motor and its Driver system
PC Interface Network interface
File Format HPG/HPGL/HPGL2/plt
Voltage  Ac 220 ,50hz/2kw
Electrical Source Frequency 50~60Hz